Best eats in Fitzroy


Some of the best restaurants in Melbourne can be found north-east of the CBD in the bohemian enclave of Fitzroy – one of the busiest dining strips in this food-obsessed city. Whether it’s fried chicken or fine dining you’re after, Fitzroy has it covered. Here are our picks of the best eats.

Belle’s Hot Chicken – 150 Gertrude Street
Inspired by the local specialty of Nashville, Tennessee, choose your meat (wings, tenders, drumsticks or thighs), your choice of heat (Southern to crazy hot) and a side (Old Bay fries, coleslaw, mixed pickles). For non-chicken options, go for the Fried Oysters with Pickled Fennel and Ranch or the Hot Fish Sandwich. If you’re going on a weekend, definitely try the Chicken and Waffles (served during lunch only), or get the Baller Bucket if you’re staying indoors watching the telly with your mates.

Must-order dish: Belle’s Chicken Sandwich, made up of spiced chicken, cheese and coleslaw sandwiched between a soft milk bun.

Belle's Hot Chicken Belle's Hot Chicken

Builders Arms Hotel – 211 Gertrude Street
This landmark public house dates back to the early 1850s and has two distinct dining areas: the Bistro and Moon Under Water, as well as a public bar where counter meals reign supreme. While the Bistro offers an a la carte menu of ‘upmarket’ pub fare, Moon Under Water is a more refined affair with a three, four or six-course kitchen menu.

Must-order dish: Rotisserie Royale corn-fed chicken, cooked to perfection over a coal fire.

Beach Burrito Company – 232 Gertrude Street
Home to the world's first skatebowl inside a restaurant! Beach Burrito serves up all your favourite (and healthy) Mexican dishes alongside craft beers served from a neon bar looking over the empty, skateable concrete pool.

Must-order dish: Head to Beach Burrito on Tuesday’s for the $3 Taco special or the classic corn chips & guac is an easy, healthy snack between skates. 

Beach Burrito Company Beach Burrito Company

Naked in the Sky – 285 Brunswick Street
An open-terrace rooftop with views alone that make it worth a visit, diners are spoilt for choice with seating options that include a bar, lounge and dining room. The Spanish-influenced menu of traditional Basque flavours is perfect for sharing, as are the decadently sweet and playful desserts.

Must-order dish: Fried cheese and walnut croquettes with quince aioli.

Travel secret: Downstairs, Naked for Satan offers house-infused vodkas and $1 pintxos, making it the perfect spot for lunch or a pre-dinner snack.

Ladro Gertrude – 224 Gertrude Street
A stalwart of the Melbourne pizza scene, the oven at this classic black-and-white-styled pizza restaurant has been burning strong since 2003. Tightly packed tables – marble-topped, of course – mean you’re likely to bump elbows with your neighbour while enjoying a slice, but that’s all part of the charm at this family-friendly establishment. Fantastic pizza aside, there are rustic Italian starters and hearty bowls of pasta to try.

Must-order dish: Badabing pizza, comprising tomato, provolone, pork sausage, oregano, chilli and basil.

Ladro Gertrude Ladro Gertrude

Yong Green Food – 421 Brunswick Street
A predominantly Asian-inspired vegetarian and vegan restaurant specialising in raw food, Yong is a saviour for those with dietary requirements or in need of a health fix. Don’t be fooled into thinking the food might be dull or bland – in fact, the extensive menu offerings are anything but and the portions are surprisingly satisfying. Be sure to leave room for some raw cheesecake.

Must-order dish: Vegan nachos – chia chips served with cashew cream, guacamole and sunfried seeds sauce.

By Veda Gilbert

With a personal mantra, ‘travel, eat, repeat’, Veda Gilbert is constantly planning her next trip whilst simultaneously contemplating her next meal - all in the name of research. A self professed wordsmith, her finger is not only on the pulse but also in many pies as she strives to find the hottest spots and must dine venues locally and beyond.

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